"Unlucky and very happy"

20 January
Meh, I am not very good at presentations, maybe I should just skip it, but it can be fun to read sometimes, right? I also wear the nickname ‘Serenti’ on a lot of other sites, but lately there have been a few persons who have stolen it for me… so to be sure, just send a pm on the website you have found me on and ask something among the lines

“Are you the crazy girl from Sweden who would do almost anything for pocky?”

It the reply is yes, congratulations; you have found me!

Well, I am from Sweden, and that's the reason you'll find a few (*coughs*) error in my grammar and spelling. But it would be a lie to completely blame it on my background, but a little of the blame can be found there… I think…

Also, I love friends, so if you feel like it leave a comment or anything, I promise I won’t bite you… (As long as it isn’t Monday…I am not very fond of Monday’s. But if you’re a nice person I may not bite you at all xD)